Sunday, October 26, 2014
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Migrashop! The New Automated Shopping Cart Migration!

  • Migrashop is a data migration service for e-commerce sites.
  • The migration process is very simple and automatic.
  • The result of the migration is simply a downloadable file.
  • Migration not involved in writing on customers' systems.
  • Migrashop is also available as a free demo!


The service is available for the following e-commerce products:



New Cart Types will be available soon!


Email Contact: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

How It Works


The use of Migrashop is very easy, just follow these steps:

  • Download and extract (unzip) the Bridge file in the directory where your carts are installed (both source and destination). 
  • Join Migrashop.
  • After registration, the system generates a file, unique for each user, named 'mig_token_xx.php ' (e.g. mig_token_11.php). The file token is used to prevent unauthorized users from gaining access to the source site and destination.
  • Download the Token (click on  'Private Files')  in the same directory where you saved the Bridge and rename it in 'mig_token.php'
  • Execute the steps listed above only for the first access.
  • Select the menu item 'Migration Setup' and execute the following steps:
    • Select the type of e-commerce source
    • Select the URL of the bridge on the source site. Warning! Write the URL without 'http://' and without '/' final; Example:www.source.com
    • Insert the prefix table, referring to the source database. Example: Suppose that ecommerce is MAGENTO , if the database tables all begin with 'mage_', then the table prefix is 'mage_'.
    • Do the same steps for the destination site.
    • Set the Execution Type to 'Demo' or 'Full Extraction'. The Demo option performs a reduced migration for demonstration purposes only, you can download the result for free. The option 'Full Extraction' does the migration of all data.
  • After entering your data setup, the system inserts a new job in the queue. You can track the progress by clicking on 'My Migrations', or may continue to browse freely.
  • Once migration is complete, the system will send you a notification email.
  • The results of the migration will be stored as SQL script in your private area 'Private Files', having the following naming convention: source_destination_jobid .
  • Download and run the script on the target site.
  • Once you run the SQL script on the target database, copy all images from source site to target site.

That's all!